Blog Your Way to PR Stardom

I think I’ve fallen in love. Cupid must have got me while I was writing, for my heart beats proudly for blogging. I was never into blogging until I began my studies in Public Relations, so basically I didn’t know it existed until two months ago; now I’m infatuated with all the fun in creating your own website and writing about your passions. I mostly write about PR. Go figure, the PR major writing about PR. I write about PR because I find it interesting, but I also write about PR because it’s a useful tool in the industry.

Blogs are more than just online journals to proclaim your passions. They provide information from industry experts, and highlight relevant hubbub in the news. Think of blogs like a conversational writing about news and industry passions; at least, that’s how I look at them. Through writing about your industry, more specifically PR, you can learn more and grow as a professional. PR is a field especially catered to the usefulness of blogging. Since it’s a communication field centered in relationship building, it only makes sense to put your thoughts and ideas on the center of communication: the internet. By being an active blogger in PR, some may even regard you as an industry expert. Writing on the latest search engine optimization trick, or recounting the events of an important conference, both educates your readers and enhances your expertise simultaneously.

Typing up awesome blogs is not only a good skill for yourself, but it’s also a good skill for your clients. PR has a lot to do with presence and image, so having a blog for your clients establishes their place and spices up their image. By advocating a coherent and special brand for your client, they’re sure to cover some ground and beef up their business. When potential customers or donors (depending on what organization you’re representing) are on the internet, they are much more likely to come across the represented business if there’s a blog for it. It will show them the wealth of knowledge behind the business, and the business’ willingness to educate their readers. You know what they say, sharing is caring. Sharing information to readers shows that you care.Placeholder Image


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Trevor Bryan

GVSU Public Relations student. 20 years old. Dedicated to learning something new everyday.

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