Podcast Reflections: Hung-up on PR Hangover

As a member of my university’s chapter PRSA, known as the PRSSA, I am exposed to many opportunities. One in particular happens to be a student run podcast dubbed “PR Hangover”. The podcast is run by the chapter’s VP of Social Media, Kelly Darcy, who was kind enough to invite me onto this new communication medium. I can’t even begin to tell you how fun it was.

The podcast centered around our previous meeting of PRSSA. At this meeting, we had the chance to meet the faculty at Grand Valley State University who are associated with the APR program. Public relations is all about networking, and the students were actually networking with the faculty! Such a rich networking adventure listening to the personal experience held behind the title of professor. Titles that draw formal boundaries, like professor for example, can make it hard for some to relate to the people standing behind these titles; big titles make people feel small. This open forum presented at the PRSSA meeting erased those boundaries. To hear further on this notion, give the podcast a listen.

Being a part of PRSSA grants me the opportunity to keep fostering my love for public relations, and being a part of the podcast allows me to express that love. Also, I get to chuckle endlessly with K. Darcy, so what tops that? The podcast has a fusion of conversation and education that has me enamored. The next one that I get to be a part of is TBD, but I’m sure it’ll be soon enough. Why so sure? Well, if the podcast was THAT amazing the first time, there’s reason a second can’t be too far along. gvsu-prssa